Monument of Observation / Solo Exhibition/ Prague, 2016

Curator: Nina Michlovská
Opening: 8. 9., 19:00
Exhibition duration: 8 September – 6 October 2016
Artist: Radka Salcmannová

“Monument of Observation is an exhibition consisting of 3 short films – Outside of Relativity, The Touch of Eclipse, Monument of Observation. These films are interconnected and together they create a coherent story. Videos are projected next to each other simultaneously and thus enabling a viewer to read the narrative. Viewers find themselves in a labyrinth-like situation, while they are watching three stories that create a moment of psychological repetition in different visual contexts. The story is based on author’s own experience of getting used to a new cultural environment and slowly accepting it as her home. Movies reflect this process of psychological transformation of a person living between two different continents. Main motive of storytelling is one character, which constantly transforms into different characters that experience the same situations. Although the environment and main character are subjects of radical and constant change, the old psychological pattern stays the same and repeats itself, trying to adjust to the new context.”
R. S.

Special thanks to Jack Kendrick (director of Outside of Relativity) and Filip Míšek / Dikolson (music).

Photo: Tomaš Souček

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