Outside OF Relativity

Outside OF Relativity

/ Short Film, 2014-2015 /

“Water surfaced from the mirror, came to the periphery. Encroaching light created shadows in the real picture and pushed your limits forward. The stars hanging at the sky are not visible to the naked eye.The unpredictable situation gave a clear signal and certain direction. The ground spread out and mingled with the empyrean. 

Billions of molecules from one body touched the feelings of heaven which never existed here and never belonged to anything. Surrounded by white space inside white skin reading the direction manipulated by time. In this unsure space you feel the existence of present life which has been lost. A thousand thoughts call for attention.In the eye of the hurricane the light is coming up.

The singing voice in my head never falls asleep. It constantly keeps me up. Under that mist of inner space is a world you are not allowed to touch. It creates situations in your head you have made a billion years ago. And the body does not belong to me or you or anyone. The real moment of detecting past, present and future is now. An uncountable subconscious universal presence of billions of worlds has become one. 

I am the blue sky, the blue river and the deep ocean. The presence of the human mind advances out of the world and flies to a new orbit. Generations of rainbows grow out of the ground and disappear. 

The river takes me in all directions, out of nothing into everything. Turning back around in this spectacular moment I try to make a clarification and project it outwards. This construction of action based on the situation is real../ maybe/

One life has been divided into several lives. The mist is descending. 

The boat may carry me away, sailing on the dust of my patriotic pride, which is the last thing left over here. Head- waters full of memories like a mosaic of history sneak in from behind the wall. The flowers over here are without any colors, dark and blind. The molecular structure lifts me up without any effort. Call me the Spirit of the Universe. The darkness made a black hole full of destructive power that created light. 

Infused with knowledge of the past and future the boat can move forward.Without beginning and end we follow never ending, repeating lines.

Holding all thoughts in this moment these bodies belong to each other.”

Film made in collaboration with Jack Kedrick

Written, Created and Perform By Radka Salcmannova

Directed and Edit by Jack Kedrick

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