Documentation of the process/ Triptych movies /Monument of Observation/

  • The triptych of films describes a journey / finding a new place / a loss / a rebirth.
  • The films are approaching archetypes. Like water, tides, the nurturing and development of the human body and the mind, the moon, the light and the darkness.
  • The topic of the films, that are rotating in a circle, are concerned with the interdependency of balance and stability.
  • The human body that can have different faces at all times.
  • The human, imbedded in seascape, distanced from nature and the desire and fear of returning to the creation is captured in the short performances through the exposure of the human figure to the elements. Voids are turning into deep textures and become an important medium of everything that can or must not be said.
  • Coming from East Europe the iconography of the catholic culture is present in my work. But instead of using the alluring images of its cruelty and fear, I attempt to create a spiritual space and a peaceful place of mind.
  • The themes of my work are mostly drawn from my dreams and psychological movements, even though I find myself clearly in the language of religious archetypes. The hurting is carried out through its beauty and not its disgust.
    • The composition of the show is based on a church architecture plan of my home country Czech and is composed as a triangle – for me a mutating symbol for the past, the present and the future. The classic triptych of the films is carrying a second reciprocal action: while they depend on each other as a formal system, from their different substances they stand sole.
    • The platform in front of the films is floating in the air. The shape of the platform in a way corresponds with the triptych as an unspecific object, that is coming from an unascertained place.
    • There will be few art pieces along the walls. Relicts and leavings from the films, fragile reminders of reality.
    • The main photography in the middle on the back wall leads the audience in circles around the gallery space. She is the manipulator in the background, the beauty of the cruelty below the surface.
    • “Outside of Relativity” is an expression of what happens when one episode is ending and something new is unconsciously born in our heads.
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